Balsam Lake              June 2             Walleye

1st Jimmy Harris and Pete Garnier 115.75 inches
2nd Fabian Lynch and Stephen King 114.25 inches
3rd Kim Lennox and Doug Wheeler 109.50 inches
4th Randy Barrett and Chris Thorington 108.25 inches
5th Craig Denham and Doug Wheeler 97 inches
6th Dale Brown and Mark Cave 61.50 Inches

Big Fish caught by Randy Barrett of 27.25 inches

Omemee Pond           June 16            

Mitchell Lake             July 21

1 Larry Jones and Dave Wheeler 15.5 lbs and big fish of 5.13 lbs
2 Randy Barrett and Craig Denham 13.40 lbs
3 Fabian Lynch 12.33 lbs
4 Dale Brown and Ken Boyd 11.36 lbs
5 Jimmy Harris and Mark Cave 11.03 lbs
6 Bob Thorington and Chris Thorington 10.33 lbs
7 George Saliba and Chad Keenan 9.44 lbs
8 Kim Lennox and Doug Wheeler 7.82 lbs          

Balsam Lake              August 4

 1st Jim Harris and Chris Thorington 16.50 lbs
2nd Kim Lennox and Dale Brown 16.17lbs
3rd Randy Barrett and Glen Maidens 11.87 lbs
4th Fabian Lynch and Mark Cave 11.56 lbs
5th Craig Denham 11.30 lbs
6th Steve Collins and George Saliba 9.30 lbs
7th Bob Thorington and Dave Wheeler 7.84 lbs
8th Steve King and Doug Wheeler 5.55 lbs

Lake Scugog              August 13       Twilight Individual

1st George Saliba 18.95 lbs and big fish 5.875 lbs
2nd Fabian Lynch 10.50 lbs
3rd Giles Westerhout 8.56 lbs
4th Dave Wheeler 7.185 lbs
5th Bob Thorington 7.10 lbs
6th Sandra Chiovotti 7.09 lbs
7th Chad Keenan ... 5.36 lbs
8th Kim Lennox 4.67 lbs
9th Mark Cave 4.295 lbs
10th Dale Brown 2.705 lbs
11th Steve King 1.585 lbs
12th Randy Barrett 1.15 lbs
13th Steve Collins 0.00 lbs
14th Doug Wheeler 0.00 lbs

Sturgeon Lake            August 17       Individual

1st Fabian Lynch 17.59 lbs
2nd George Saliba 12.59 lbs
3rd Craig Denham 12.36 lbs
4th Randy Barrett 11.50 lbs and Big Fish 4.44 lbs
5th Jim Harris 11.24 lbs
6th Chad Keenan 8.58 lbs
7th Bob Thorington 8.51 lbs...
8th Glen Maidens 8.33 lbs
9th Larry Jones 7.80 lbs
10th Steve King 3.24 lbs
11th Mark Cave 2.65 lbs
12th Dave Wheeler 0.00 lbs

Gull Lake                   September 14

1st Stephen King and Giles Westerhout 13.25lbs
2nd Kim Lennox and Chad Keenan 13.02 lbs
3rd Fabian Lynch and Mark Cave 10.16 lbs
4th Randy Barrett 9.90 lbs
5th Brian Gorrill and Doug Wheeler 9.27 lbs

Big Fish was 3.08 caught by Stephen King and Giles Westerhout

Lower Buckhorn         September 29

Sandy Lake                October 20

1st Craig Denham and Chad Keenan 14.14 lbs
2nd Pete Garnier and Mark Cave 12.39 lbs
3rd Dale Brown and Jimmy Harris 12.34 lbs
4th Randy Barrett and Steven King 12.075 lbs
5th Larry Jones and Dave Wheeler 11.41 lbs
6th Geo...rge Saliba and Steve Collins 11.34 lbs
7th Kim Lennox and Doug Wheeler 9.75 lbs
8th Giles Westerhout and Bob Thorington 9.67 lbs
9th Fabian Lynch and Brian Gorrill 8.94 lbs

Big Fish was 3.715 lbs and it was caught by the team of
Dale Brown and Jimmy Harris

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