Lindsay Bassmasters:   November 5, 2014 Minutes

Members: 11

Guest: Dave Spence Port Perry Bassmasters

Call to Order: 7:45pm

Presidents Report: Bob reported that dues for 2015 Season are due. It is important that members keep their B.A.S.S. membership up to date. All members need to be in good standing to make sure are liability insurance is active. Fees $40 current members, $50 new members.

Qualifier dates have been confirmed. Dates are August 29 & 30 out of Turkey Point, Canadian waters only.

OBN general meeting is on November 22, 2014, I will be attending.

Tony Lauzon (former member) had a stoke & heart attack. Dale Brown offered to send a card on behalf of the club.

We are sending $100 to Doug Brownridge who starts fishing the National November 6th.

Treasurer Report: We have approximately $2500 in bank. Outstanding tournament fees need to be collected and we have to pay our OBN assessment of $336.

Guest Speaker: Dave Spence first talked about Livingston Lures. He had samples and broachers of the product. Dave also had an outline of the Hyper Tour. He explained it  was between 3 clubs Hawgtown, Port Perry and York. Basically it was club team  tournament that had 30 boats, paying down to 7th place.

The conversation got members talking to start our own with 3 clubs. Tournaments will count to angler of the year.

Elections: President Bob Thornington acclaimed

                  Secretary Steve King acclaimed 

                  Treasurer Doug Wheeler acclaimed

                  Vice President Chris Thornington acclaimed

Tournament: The Angler of the Year Trophy was presented. This year’s winner was Doug Wheeler.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:30pm

Lindsay Bassmasters   July 2, 2014 Meeting

Attendance Members: 15   Guests: 1

Call To Order: 7:55pm

President Report:

Bob reported that nothing has been sent from OBN. A reminder was sent out that if members want to fish the Qualifier you have to next meeting to decide. Bob still has to send in balanced numbers. If you are a non-boater, Bob can easily match you up with other clubs. (note President is also taking minutes with the absence of George Salba )

Treasurers Report:

Randy reported we had $2446.95 in bank. We have 3 unpaid entries to Sandy Lake outstanding and the cost of web site to be accounted for. Randy has not had time to finalize the Joey Mansholt Open financials, but will be available by next meeting.

We had to entries in the Open that cancelled a last minute to health reasons and weather. A motion was put to the floor by Randy Barrett that we refund entries to teams that cancelled due to health reasons. Motion seconded by Bob Thornington. All members were in favour.

Tournament Report:

Mark Cave was absent, Dale Brown brought tournament results.

Balsam Lake Walleye Tournament: 1st: Kim Lennox & Larry Jones

                                                               2nd Brian Gorrill & Dave Wheeler

                                                                3rd Pete Garnier & Craig Denham

Sandy Lake Bass Tournament:          1st Bob Thornington  14.09 lb Big Fish 4.58 lb

                                                               2nd Dale Brown  12.65 lb

                                                               3rd  Randy Barrett 11.79lb

New Business:

We took comments on the Open at Snug Harbour. Sandy thought that the site was all right and every thing ran smoothly. Larry thought it was not run well. The President asked what was missing. He said that we did not have people assigned to jobs. Bob said jobs were assigned at last meeting but when live release boat arrived we did not have fish runners due to fact anglers were to release own fish. He thought it looked un professional due to lay out, but he was reminded by club members that we are not a professional organization.

Overall the event was run well for our first time at Snug Harbour. A reminder for next year, have site meeting before tournament and have all pertinent tournament equipment  checked before event.  Add a quick drain fish inspection pan for dead and short fish. Have a hidden dead fish container next to weigh in station.

James Wylie suggest we can get some more banners that could hide some areas and improve others. He said he got some for his wife’s business at a reasonable cost. We will ask him at next meeting where and the cost of banners.

Others: Sandy asked questions on how to become a better angler. Many members gave her suggestion.

Bob asked Pete Garnier about Quinte Tournament. Pete was tied with John Rychel (former member) but instead of a fish off , sportsmanship was applied and 1st and 2nd prize money was added together and divided in half. Pete said the difference between the places was significant.

Meeting adjourned: 9:00pm

Lindsay Bass Masters Monthly Meeting 

April 2, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:40 pm


Members in attendance 19, Guests Paul Kroisenbruner & Jason Barnucz


President’s Report

Bob reported that at the Board meeting there were no bids yet for the 2015 Qualifier.  Also the High School fishing program was replacing the youth program.

The rules and entry form for the 2014 Ontario BASS Qualifier on Big Rideau are available on the OBFN website and you should consider submitting yours at May’s meeting to be entered in the early bird draw.

Motion that the extra $10. we collected from the open entries would go towards the big fish pool, 19 for, 0 against & 0 abstained.


Guest Speakers

Jason Barnucz presented his experience at the Classic and especially his function getting fish from the stage to the live release holding tanks.

Paul talked about the process for members to fish their way from the club level to a contender at the Bassmaster Classic.  



Mark presented his proposed Tournament Schedule for 2014 where waters and dates were tweaked in order to finalize the schedule.


New Business:

A short discussion transpired concerning how the club has determined boaters and non-boaters using the club AOY standings.  It was determined that the issue should be discussed further by the members who are interested.  I plan to include Denham, King, B. Thornington, C. Thornington, Garnier, Collins, Wylie, Mansholt, Harris,  & Coutoure.


The club Meeting ended at 9:20 pm